VIDEO: Social Status Effects On Health


Today’s post is more academic than about natural hair and beauty products.

Today I had the chance to meet with Samuele Zilioli, a researcher at Wayne State University, to discuss his research in the psychology department there. His research is based off of two separate areas of psychology, one being social psychology and the other being health psychology.

Right now he is currently conducting a study on how social status effects health.  His goal is to find if health disparities can be explained by social economic disadvantage.

His view of why his research is important because it provides insight on the relationship between social status and health and also because he feels his research can provide the foundation for intervention programs.

I choose Mr. Zilioli to interview because I read on the psychology departments website the background on what their research was based on and I became interested in the topic of social science and health.

I too do think that it is indeed very important to find out if someone’s social status has an effect on their health and why.

We all know that the richer you are the better health care and treatment you get, with this research it is important to find out just how much of an impact that the social status of a person has on their health.

Like mentioned in his interview it is important to find if the social economic disadvantage of a person has any effect on a person’s health.

Hopefully the research that he and his team are doing can bring to light that there needs to be a change in healthcare so that the people who cannot afford to have the best health care can still receive the help and attention that they need in order to get better.


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