“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”
-Maya Angelou

My name is Bianca Perry and I am a public relations student at Wayne State University, specializing in social media management as well as event coordination. I was born and raised here in Michigan where I developed my family oriented personality. Outside of school and my family, for the past few years I have been studying and analyzing different natural hair and beauty products and methods that I have applied to my everyday life. Last year I started my natural hair journey, eliminating all harsh or damaging products from my hair care routine as well as cutting all types of heat from my hair. My next goal is to cut all harsh products from my life including hair, body and makeup products. In this blog you will follow my journey in changing my lifestyle as well as the tips I have come to love regarding natural hair for every hair type and products and styles that I have come to enjoy.

To contact me you may follow me on Twitter @PR_BiancaP, add me on Facebook @Bianca Perry, or email me at ej3129@wayne.edu


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